Looking for a professional piano tuner in Cheshire or Wirral?

Having your piano regularly tuned not only improves the sound quality and pitch, but gives your piano tuner the opportunity to detect any other issues before costly work is required.

Why is it important to have your piano regularly tuned?

Temperature and humidity can impact on the sound and playing pleasure of your piano. With this in mind, most pianos need professionally tuning around twice a year, even those seldom played. If your piano is new, or has recently had new strings fitted, it will need tuning around three to four times a year to ensure the quality of sound and performance are not compromised.

Why choose Michael?

The art of tuning is a very difficult job, requiring considerable concentration and time. Michael is a reputable piano tuner and prides himself on taking the precision and care needed to work with such instruments. An absolute expert within his field, you can rely on Michael for a professional and thorough service.

Why do I need a professional?

There are around 220 tuning pins that must be adjusted with a high degree of care and attention. Not only must the string tension be adjusted, but your piano tuner must ‘set’ the pin. As a vital part of the tuning process, your piano deserves a professional service to ensure the piano stays in tune for a reasonable time, maintaining playing pleasure.
A neglected piano, allowed to drop in pitch, can often develop tonal problems which can sometimes be permanent, so regular attention to both tuning and regulating is vital to protect your investment.

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